Educational Model

Educational Model: Students who attend Legacy will learn by engaging in project-based learning, where they will tackle real-world issues, and work collaboratively to solve problems and find solutions. Students will have a competitive advantage during their secondary years of education by participating in Career Based Intervention (CBI) and exploring the foundations of engineering by learning computer coding, Microsoft Office Suite, Edhesive, and VEX Robotics, all while mastering skills such as reading, writing, public speaking, and math.

This will bring the high school, college, and career technical education to the overall experience and create a pathway for success.

We understand the importance of educating the whole child through social-emotional learning, athletics, and mentorship. Studies show that youth who have mentors in their lives have higher chances of academic achievement, graduating from high school, going to college, and becoming a positive influence in their communities.

Our foremost goal is to engage and advance students academically, prepare them vocationally, and empower them personally.